The Golden sponsor of PyCon 2014 - HDE from Japan

Posted on Tue 25 November 2014 in sponsors

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The Golden sponsor of 2014, HDE, which is shared their delighted experience of finding talented engineers through PyCon APAC 2014! Here we (PyConTW) would like to share it with you.

PyConTW: What inspired you to consented to be one of the most important sponsors of PyCon APAC 2014?
Name of HDE, Inc. is known to many Japanese companies. However, we
didn't have much presence in abroad. To make HDE, Inc. and our cloud
service HDE One to be known more in abroad, we started to sponsor
technology events in abroad. And, PyCon APAC 2014 was a first
experience for us to sponsor a technology conference abroad.

PyConTW: How was the experience of sponsoring PyCon APAC?
In the beginning, we were afraid to have a difficulty in communication. Even though we had a little difficulty about speaking language, what we found was that if we have common technology backgrounds, we can communicate and share our information. Furthermore, it was precious experience for us to exchange information with foreign developers.

We believe that diversity of the community will stimulate new creation and will activate the community more. And, we are pleased that we were able to participate such conference. We hope that there will be more diverse developers from APAC countries to participate next PyCon APAC.

And, we wish next PyCon APAC to become more successful conference.

Thanks HDE, It would be no success without their great support.
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PyCon APAC 2014 金級贊助商 HDE 公司,在合作過程中,成功招募優秀工程師加入團隊!我們 (年會籌備團隊,接下來簡稱 PyConTW) 將 HDE 公司贊助 PyCon APAC 2014 的經驗,整理成採訪稿,和大家分享:

PyConTW:請問 HDE 公司考量贊助 PyCon APAC 2014 的原因是?
HDE :HDE, Inc. 是一家在日本業界頗負盛名的資訊公司。然而我們也希望可以讓 HDE, Inc.和我們的雲端服務 HDE One 更廣為海外的夥伴所認識,因此,我們開始贊助海外的科技活動。

HDE :PyCon APAC 2014 是我們第一次贊助海外研討會,一開始我們擔心會有溝通上的問題,但我們發現只要有共同的背景知識,我們就可以互相溝通與分享資訊。對我們而言和國外的程式設計師交流真的是很難能可貴的經驗。
我們相信社群團體的多樣性能夠帶動活動並激發更新的創意,很高興能夠參加這個會議,也希望會有更多從亞太各地前來的程式設計師參加下一屆的PyCon APAC。我們衷心期盼 PyCon APAC 2015 更加成功!

看到了這些成功的贊助經驗還在等什麼,快來一起加入 PyCon APAC 2015 吧!

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