10 Things You Don't want to miss at PyCon APAC 2015

Posted on Thu 04 June 2015 in announcement

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This week, PyCon Asia-Pacific 2015 will be held on June 5-7 (Friday to Sunday) at Academia Sinica in Taipei, Taiwan. We know you're all looking forward to the main theme “Back to _future_ II.” We’d like to show you 10 things you may not want to miss at PyCon APAC 2015.

Telegram Sticker

Link: https://telegram.me/addstickers/PyConAPAC2015

Are you a fan of Telegram? You can find PyCon APAC 2015 sticker on it. Use following link to download, with flame color and the gorgeous car, show off to other pythoniests!
The Sofa Zone

PyCon APAC 2015 provides a soft Sofa-Zone.

It’s a good place to take a rest between the sessions. You can chat and meet new friends there, exchange your name cards, bring a cup of tea/coffee and just sit down, or look outside the window and figure out your _future_(code). Trust me, it would be one of your favorite corner during PyCon APAC.


Two fantastic workshops will take place on both 6/6 and 6/7. Both workshops are in English. And after your participation, you can earn a fascinating online badge.


  1. Microsoft Azue Workshop, will show you the best and quick way to deploy your python web app to Microsoft Azure through Docker.


2. SoftLayer, an IBM Company, with the topic “Managing Deployments with Async I/O programming on Python 3.4 and provisioning using SoftLayer API”, could introduce you how you may leverage Python 3.4 Asyncio, or build a server with Oursky. Furthermore, you could explore how to leverage Python + Salt + Softlayer’s API for server provisioning and orchestration with Griffin, a SoftLayer partner delivers bespoke online products and services for established businesses, from conception to implementation.

Cloud Panel

The new age of cloud computing has arrived! Big data! IoT! All the cool stuffs are happening on cloud. We are pleased to announce that our Cloud Panel event will be hosted at 3pm on Saturday (July 6th), the second day of PyCon APAC 2015.

Our renowned sponsors, Google, Microsoft and SoftLayer, will get together and talk about cloud, python, and more. This 40-minutes event will be in English, and each company will have a guest speaker to share their industry insights. Since we are already “back to the Future,” Cloud panel is definitely your must-go!

See you on Saturday at R4!

Night Market

Everyone loves Night-Market. Now you can find it on PyCon APAC 2015, within Pythoniest Style ! You can enjoy the buffet, the performance, and the booths with genius staffs. All made by Python.

Oh, BTW, we are still calling for booth. Join us now :p

How to apply: https://tw.pycon.org/2015apac/en/program/night-party/

The Wall of Python History

For the main theme “ Back to __future__ II," there is a History wall at 3F, you can look on it to know the past of python and PyCon Taiwan. And, you can add your memory on it, with us.

Show Time & Job Fair

Talents, Engineers, Sponsors, Hunters, are gathered together.

Like a carnival, Show Time & Job Fair is a party we encourage our sponsors to show their products, culture, and even what they can do for you! All you need to do is to walk around the booth area, take a look on what's going on there. We bet you will find something really impressing.

If you do impressed, just go and talk with them, register to them through scanning your ticket, you can submit your detail resume later by our PyCon APAC 2015 job-fair system.

Oh, this also earned a badge for you!

PyCon APAC 2015 Badges & Lottery

Badges will show a road-map about your actions, how you enroll, engage and dedicate in this great Python event. Use your tickets, enroll as many events as you can in PyCon APAC. Collecting badges, you will earn a huge strength in the Bingo Lottery on the last day. Reasons will be kept as the secrets, you may know the answer on the last day. Keep going :).

Keynote Speech

Of course the most important thing in every conference are Keynote Speeches and the Talks. Here are the fascinating keynote speakers we invited this year.

  1. Robert Bradshaw: One of the creator of "Cython"
  2. Steven G. Johnson: Associate Professor from MIT.
  3. Kenneth Reitz: Creator of requests a famous python libs.
  4. Andy Terrel: Chief Scientist from Continuum Analytics.
  5. Van Lindberg: CTO of Rackspace(OpenStack), Chairman of Python software foundation.
  6. Arnaud Bergeron: Theano Core Developer

To get more detail, follow this link.


The Agenda

Agenda of PyCon APAC 2015 : https://tw.pycon.org/2015apac/en/schedule/

Don’t miss talks. It's the most important thing in PyCon APAC. There are 42 talks, which collected from 90 proposals, waiting for you. This year we have various topics, including Compiler(7%), Computing(7%), Data(14%), Web(24%), Maker(5%), Python(24%), and Others(19%). You definitely can find your favorite topic on our website.

Come and join us, it’s time to back to __future__ !!