PyCon Taiwan Fanatic Application

Posted on Sun 31 March 2019 in announcement

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Are You a PyCon Animal? #MyPyCon

Share You PyCon Memories and Get Your #PyConTW2019 Fanatic Tickets!

你是 PyCon 派對動物嗎? 你是 Python 鐵粉嗎?

分享你的熱血回憶, 取得 #PyConTW2019 鐵粉優惠價!

The regular or corporate ticket registration for PyCon Taiwan 2019 is expected to start in late July. However, we open the Fanatic Ticket application during the April 1st week.

2019 台灣 Python 年會一般票或企業票售票時間預計在 7 月底公告,不過,在 4 月 1 日這週,我們先開放鐵粉票購買申請,限時又限量,以下是申請辦法說明。

Fanatic Tickets are limited, only 54, make sure to apply them before April 8th. Note that no refund service for the Fanatic Ticket.

鐵粉票限時又限量,最多只有 54 張,售完即止,鐵粉票最晚請在 4 月 8 日並提出申請。請注意,鐵粉票一經售出,並無提供退票服務。

Post your PyCon or Python event memories on social media, with #MyPyCon hashtag, send your link to to apply for the Fanatic Ticket. You will be replied with the Invitation Code. Go to purchase your ticket.

請在社群媒體公開你的 PyCon 或 Python 活動記錄,使用 #MyPyCon 標籤,把網址連結寄到 申請購買鐵粉票,信件主旨請註明「MyPyCon 鐵粉票申請」,一經同意,你會取得邀請碼,再到 輸入邀請碼來完成購票。

Here is an example

One of my earliest @PyConTW memories #MyPyCon

— TsungWei Hu (@l34marr) March 31, 2019