PySafe is Delivered

Posted on Thu 30 September 2021 in announcement

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Thank many of our volunteers for packaging and dispatching so many PySafe boxes. Please pay attention if you purchased your ticket with PySafe. It will soon ring the door bell of your house!! For our friends overseas, the shipment will take longer time, depending on the post system in your region. The typical overseas shipment time varies from 1 to 3 weeks.

We also want to thank the volunteers of our design team led by Ben a.k.a. 本本 to deliver such gorgeous OOBE with love. If you also like PySafe, you may use the following hashtag #pysafe #pycontw #pycontw2021 to say something to the design team. Your comments are the best support and power for us to keep the community moving forward!!

Piling PySafe ready to dispatch!!

Sneak Preview of PySafe OOBE

Limited Edition T-shirt for our Respected Volunteers

The stickers of PySafe is sponsored by StickerHD.