PyCon Taiwan 2023 贊助商行前招呼

Posted on Fri 25 August 2023 in sponsors


白金級贊助商 國泰金控 Cathay Financial Holdings

別忘了 9/2 跟 9/3 週末,來國泰攤位拿隱藏好禮,我們等你喔~


金級贊助商 Netskope

今年美商 Netskope 將出席 PyCon 活動,分享最新雲端安全網路的技術發展。軟體開發團隊主要分布於美國、印度和台灣,以 Python 和 Golang 兩大程式語言進行開發,提供企業完整的安全存取平台方案。內部提倡開放式企業文化,提供極具吸引力的福利待遇及工作環境。

招募團隊及內部工程師們將在 Netskope 攤位上,分享 Netskope 的產品技術、工作文化和發展機會。到現場就有機會獲得精美獎品,包括文青袋、手機掛繩、馬克杯等,趕快來攤位找我們聊聊,了解矽科技公司的脈動吧!

攤位活動詳情:4F,攤位編號 S2


Greetings! This year, Netskope will be attending PyCon to share the latest technologies in cloud security fields. Our software development team is mainly distributed in the United States, India, and Taiwan, to provide enterprises with a comprehensive security access platform solution. We advocate an open-minded and flat work culture, offering attractive benefits and working environment.

Our recruitment team and engineers will be available at booth S2, sharing Netskope's product technology, work culture, and growth opportunities. Meanwhile, there's a chance to get some freebies, including tote bags, phone strap adapter, mugs, and more. Come visit our booth for a chat and gain a deeper understanding of how a Silicon Valley company works!

Booth Details: 4F, S2

We cordially invite you to join us and look forward to engaging with you!


金級贊助商 HENNGE

Greetings from HENNGE in Japan!

We are Japan’s market leader in cloud security solutions, headquartered in Tokyo. We pride ourselves on being a diverse and inclusive company with English being our official language, and we want you to be part of the HENNGE family!

Please drop by our booth, grab some swags, and chat with us about the opportunities at HENNGE. Speak to you soon!


金級贊助商 可立可 KlickKlack Communications