PyCon APAC and PyCon Taiwan

Posted on Mon 28 February 2022 in announcement

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What is PyCon APAC?

Python Conference APAC (PyCon APAC) is authorized by Python Software Foundation, PSF, and organized by the Python community in APAC.

PyCon APAC is held once a year. It started in Singapore in 2010, moved to Japan in 2013. In 2014, it came to Taiwan for the first time. and “again” it is hosted in Taiwan this year. PyCon APAC 2022 is hosted by the organizing team of PyCon Taiwan and other Python communities in the Asia-Pacific region. In this grand feast, we are honored to invite all the friends from various fields to learn, share new technological developments, and inspire new ideas from each other.

What are the Taiwan Python Conference (Python Conference Taiwan, PyCon Taiwan) and The organizing team of PyCon Taiwan?

The organizing team of PyCon Taiwan is a local Python community in Taiwan to organize and prepare for the Python Conference Taiwan. PyCon Taiwan is focused on exchanging Python technology and its various possible applications. PyCon Taiwan is committed to building a platform for Taiwanese and foreign Python enthusiasts to communicate. PyCon Taiwan also follows the principle of Everybody Contributes, which has become a feature of PyCon Taiwan that is different from other conferences in Taiwan.

PyCon Taiwan is an annual Python Conference in Taiwan. Because the organizing team of PyCon Taiwan is driving, hosting, and organizing PyCon APAC this year (2022) along with the other Python communities in APAC, the annual PyCon Taiwan will be “upgraded” to PyCon APAC 2022.

PyCon APAC 2022 is planned to run as a virtual conference event for the border control of pandemic to make most Python developers, users, and promoters participate.