PyCon APAC 2022 CfP is Open!

Posted on Tue 01 March 2022 in programs

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(Mandarin Below)

The CfP for PyCon APAC 2022 is OPEN now!

PyCon APAC 2022 will be held in Gather Town and on Youtube fully remote on Sep. 3-4.

There will be a different conference style this year, so look out for future updates on what to expect!

We accept a broad range of Python-related proposals ranging from academic research to commercial projects, case studies, running a community, communication strategies, mental health, failed experiences etc.

Important Points:

  1. Due to the ongoing global pandemic, all online talks will be pre-recorded, optional with live Q&A sessions on conference day.
  2. Duration of each session types:
  3. Talk : 15 / 30 / 45 min
  4. Tutorial : 90 min

  5. You may present in any language you are comfortable with, but the proposals for talks made through our CFP system must be in English or Mandarin Chinese only so that our reviewers can understand them.

  6. We will refer or forward some of the rejected proposals to local Python communities in APAC for their consideration in their own events.

Important Dates :

  • Talks & Tutorial CfP starts: Mar. 1
  • Talks & Tutorial CfP ends: Apr. 15 (23:59:59 AoE)
  • Dates of the Conference: Sep. 3 - Sep. 4

For more detailed CfP info, please visit PyCon APAC 2022 website - CfP.

Your proposals for talks or tutorials are needed to make this conference a success!


PyCon APAC 2022 CfP 徵稿已正式開放!

PyCon APAC 2022 年會將於 Gather, Youtube 平台全線上舉行,並嘗試與過往年會不同的會議風格,敬請期待!

我們接受泛 Python 相關的各類投稿,包括學術報告、商用專案或者案例研究等,或是社群經營、溝通、心理健康、失敗經驗等軟議題。


  1. 因應疫情,PyCon APAC 2022 採全預錄演講及遠端直播 Q&A(自由參與)。
  2. 演講時間長度
  3. 演講 (Talk) : 15 分鐘、 30 分鐘、45 分鐘,您可以自由選擇合適的演講長度。
  4. 專業課程 (Tutorial) :90 分鐘。

  5. 演講語言不限。但請使用英文或中文投遞稿件,以便於 PyCon APAP 2022 審稿委員進行審稿。

  6. 即使稿件最後未錄取, PyCon APAC 會將部分未錄取稿件推薦至 APAC 各國在地社群。


  • 議程、課程 開放徵稿:3/1 (二)
  • 議程、課程 投稿截止:4/15 (五) 23:59:59 (AoE)
  • 大會日期:9/3 (六) - 9/4 (日)

更多詳細 CfP 說明,請見 PyCon APAC 2022 - CfP